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The Playwright’s Room is a place where beginner or seasoned playwrights and screenwriters can come and share their works in progress to get valuable feedback from other writers. Actors are also welcomed as readers for the scripts and also can provide feedback from a performer perspective. 



The Playwright’s Room is a place where writers can hear their work read aloud. Our session is centered around a positive feedback system, where solutions are up to the script writer. When a play is read, the group provides feedback by answering the following questions:


1.    What do we like about the play?

2.    What did we not understand or needs clarity?

3.    What questions does the playwright have for us? 


Playwrights can bring an idea, an outline, single page of dialogue/monologue or a whole scene (time-permitting).  Based on the number of writers attending we will determine how many pages we can get through for each writer.


What to Bring:

Bring your scripts! In either digital format or printed. Bring a laptop or tablet, since many people prefer paperless reading (they will share works via email to attendees). If you prefer to print out your script that is fine too, I will let everyone know prior to the session how many attendees there will be to determine number of copies. 



Please RSVP to June 2nd’s Playwright’s Room by DMing William Mullin on Facebook or sending an email to wmullin@gmail.comby Friday, May 31st. 


About William Mullin 

William is an experienced comedy writer, performer and storyteller residing in Provincetown and New York City. He has written for New York City sketch comedy groups as well as actors such as Jane Lynch. He is an aspiring playwright, with several plays in various state of development. 

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