Open House on October 28

Mark your calendar! The Commons team is hosting a very special Open House at 46 Bradford Street on Saturday, October 28 starting at 11 AM. It's free and open to the public.

Join us as we look back at the history of the building with stories and memories of the space when it was the town's Community Center and the earlier Governor Bradford School. We'll even have an opportunity for you to record a memory on camera to add to our archive.

Then you'll get a chance to take a tour of the building, preview the renovation plans, and ask questions of the project team.

We're looking forward to seeing you there.

You're Invited! (Photo courtesy of Paul Rizzo)

Interior Environmental Cleanup Completed

Old buildings are always full of surprises, and during our due diligence period our environmental engineers discovered both asbestos and mold in the building.

Here are a few before and after photos so you can see some of the work that was done to give the building a clean bill of health.

Before: Water damage to ceiling and floor.

Before: Water damage to ceiling and floor.

After: Ceiling and floor tiles removed.

After: Ceiling and floor tiles removed.

Before: Mold on the ceiling.

Before: Mold on the ceiling.

After: Moldy material removed and supporting structures cleaned.

After: Moldy material removed and supporting structures cleaned.



The Lease is Signed!

It’s official! We signed the 99-year lease with the town for the old Community Center building at 46 Bradford Street this week. You’ll see some activity on site starting Monday as our contractors do interior work to prep for the upcoming renovations.

Provincetown Commons board president Karen Cappotto at Town Hall with the signed 99-year lease for the old Community Center building at 46 Bradford Street.

Provincetown Commons board president Karen Cappotto at Town Hall with the signed 99-year lease for the old Community Center building at 46 Bradford Street.

The Commons team completed its due diligence period at the beginning of the month under the terms of the town's land development agreement.

The Provincetown Board of Selectmen voted to approve the lease at their September 25 meeting. Watch the meeting video >

Public Hearings

July 28, 2017 – All of the town regulatory boards have approved our plans for renovations to the building. Next we move on to hiring contractors and applying for building permits.

June 4, 2017 – Over the past several months, the Commons team has been busy working on the details of the project with our volunteer architects, landscape architects, legal counsel, and contractors.

The regulatory process in town is complex and time consuming, but we are finally on the calendars for all of the town boards that will be reviewing the project.

If you can attend any of these meetings, we’d appreciate your comments in support of the project!

Completed Hearings

Monday, June 12, 6 PM - Board of Selectmen, Judge Welsh Rm., Town Hall. Our Economic Development Permit application requests additional gallons under the growth management bylaw. These gallons will bring the building into compliance based on the actual interior square footage. We are also requesting a 90-day extension to the timeline in our Land Development Agreement to continue the permitting process with the town regulatory boards.
Outcome: The selectmen voted unanimously to approve the EDP permit and grant a 90-day extension for us to continue the permitting process.
Download: Hearing noticeEDP application | Selectmen meeting packet | Watch the meeting

Thursday, June 15, 7 PM - Zoning Board of Appeals, Judge Welsh Rm., Town Hall. We submitted a zoning application asking for the change of use from Municipal to Institutional. We are also asking for a reduction in the number of parking spaces required since this is an existing nonconforming building.
Outcome: The ZBA voted unanimously to approve our application. 
Download: Hearing notice | ZBA application | ZBA meeting agenda | Watch the video

Wednesday, June 21, 4 PM - Historic District Commission, Judge Welsh Rm., Town Hall. We will present out exterior plans for the building, which include repair and replacement of windows, trim, roofing, gutters and downspouts in kind; repairs to the front portico; and repainting the exterior.
Outcome: The HDC voted unanimously in favor of our application.
Download: Hearing noticeHDC application | Watch the video

Thursday, June 22, 6:30 PM - Planning Board, Judge Welsh Rm., Town Hall. We are requesting administrative review for our site plan since we are not making any additions or alterations to the footprint of the building. Our plans include adding bike racks for at least 20 bicycles; narrowing the driveway curb cut to meet current town standards by adding new planting beds; planting two new trees; removing the street-facing chain link fence; and adding a trash barrel enclosure at the rear of the building. The application shows the locations of existing paths, plantings, parking, and exterior lighting.
Outcome: Our hearing was continued to the Planning Board meeting on July 27 at 6:30 PM. 
Download: Hearing notice | Planning Board application | Proposed site plan | Planning Board meeting agenda | Watch the video

Thursday, July 27, 6:30 PM - Planning Board, Judge Welsh Rm., Town Hall. Continuation of our hearing for site plan review (continued from the meeting of June 22).
Outcome: The Planning Board approved our site plan application.
Download: Updated Landscape Plan and Planting Plan | Existing Conditions Photos | Planning Board meeting agenda | Watch the video

Support us at Town Meeting

Dear friends,

There are two articles on this spring's Town Meeting warrant that are important to the success of the Commons project. Town Meeting begins Monday, April 3 at 6 PM in the auditorium. We need your support and votes to approve Article 7 and defeat Article 17.

Vote YES on Article 7 - 3C: Exterior restoration of 46 Bradford Street

Our grant requests was recommended by the Community Preservation Committee for $100,000. The grant would help fund the exterior historic preservation of the building.

The Community Preservation Act funds for historic preservation are available to any eligible building in town. 46 Bradford Street is listed individually on the State Register of Historic Places, is included in the local historic district, and in the Provincetown Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places. Other buildings that have received CPA grants in the past include the Eastern Schoolhouse (WOMR), the Unitarian Universalist Meeting House, the Pilgrim Monument, the Fine Arts Work Center, and the Hawthorne Barn.

Funds from the grant will be used to help pay for repairs to siding, trim, and architectural details; repairing and replacing roofing; repairing and replacing windows; and removing the front yard's chain link fence and asphalt surface.

Please vote YES on Article 7 – 3C and support our efforts to bring the building back into year-round use.

vote no on Article 17 – Sale of the Community center

Please vote NO on Article 17.

A candidate for selectman is attempting to overturn the Board of Selectmen's agreement with Provincetown Commons to enter into a long-term lease for the old Community Center.

The premise of his argument is that Town Meeting voted to sell the building. In fact, Town Meeting voted in 2011 to authorize the selectmen to sell the building. We gave them the power to sell the building, but didn't direct them to sell it or even request that they sell it. 

Town's own law firm has confirmed that a long-term lease is the equivalent of a sale under the state law that governs the disposition of town property.

We ask for your support to defeat this politically-motivated attack on the Board of Selectmen. Please speak out at Town Meeting and vote NO on Article 17.

March Update

Dear friends,

With your help, the dream of creating the Provincetown Commons as a center for art and design, coworking, and economic development at 46 Bradford Street (formerly the Provincetown Community Center), is becoming a reality!  Thank you so much for your ideas, support and resources for our proposal.  We write to update you on the project, and to ask for your continued involvement!

We submitted our proposal on January 13, and met with the Town’s review panel on January 17. On January 23, the Board of Selectmen accepted the review panel’s recommendation to transfer use of the property to Provincetown Commons. We’re currently working with the Town to complete a land development agreement and to finalize the details!

Here are some of the other things we are doing:

  • Provincetown Commons was incorporated as a non-profit organization in January. You may have noticed a shift in our name (previously Creative Commons of Provincetown). We discovered that another organization in the Commonwealth is using ‘creative commons’ in their name. To avoid confusion we shifted to Provincetown Commons, which we think more easily rolls off the tongue!

  • Provincetown Commons held its first board meeting and working group retreat on February 11. During the meeting we elected officers (Karen Cappotto and Pete Hocking, co-chairs; Mark Hatch, treasurer; and Rik Ahlberg, secretary), established program priorities, and organized working committees (program, building, finance, fund-development).   

  • We are thrilled to have the pro bono support of many talented people in addition to our board members, who are helping us with this project.  Kerry Spindler, Nancy Samiljian and Tim Sullivan from Goulston & Storrs in Boston are leading our legal team. Kelly Monnahan and Keith LeBlanc are donating their brilliant architecture and landscape design expertise. Marian Roth and Jay Critchley continue to be integral members of our Working Group on this project.

  • In preparation for our retreat, our building committee met with architects on February 10. Our program committee will be working to align the building design and plan with our programmatic priorities. These priorities include preserving space in the building for community use, creating coworking and studio spaces, establishing an exhibition space, and, in our second phase, building a digital media facility. Our economic development program will be threaded throughout the building.

  • On February 15, we presented to the Community Preservation Committee and requested funding for the historic preservation of the Community Center exterior. These Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds are available for any qualifying historic building in town, which includes 46 Bradford St. We plan to restore the building’s exterior in phases, beginning with the roof and windows, and moving toward creating a public greenspace on the grounds. We’re grateful to the Community Preservation Committee for recommending we receive $100,000, and we ask for your support of their recommendation at Town Meeting.

  • We’ve begun meeting with other Outer Cape organizations to explore opportunities for collaboration. It’s our hope that dynamic collaborations will help advance economic opportunity for individuals and organizations across the region and avoid unnecessary competition.

  • On March 11, we will have a table at the Year-Rounders Festival at Town Hall, so please stop by and say hello.

  • We will continue to seek and we welcome your input! To stay in the loop, you can follow our Facebook page.

We know that there is a lot of excitement in the community, especially in relation to using the space. Over the coming months, the board will be working to prepare the building for use. It’s our hope that some parts of it may be open late in 2017. We’ll do our best to keep you informed of our progress and make regular updates about our program plans.

Finally, we’re grateful to The Palette Fund for its support and for hosting our board retreat, and we continue to be indebted to the Provincetown Community Compact, Inc., which continues to serve as our fiscal agent as we complete our filing for tax-exemption.

Many thanks,

Board Members:
Rik Ahlberg
Karen Cappotto
Michael Field
Mark Hatch
Pete Hocking
Terrence Meck
Debbie Nadolney

Working Group Members:
Jay Critchley
Marian Roth
Urvashi Vaid
Kelly Monnahan