Public Hearings

July 28, 2017 – All of the town regulatory boards have approved our plans for renovations to the building. Next we move on to hiring contractors and applying for building permits.

June 4, 2017 – Over the past several months, the Commons team has been busy working on the details of the project with our volunteer architects, landscape architects, legal counsel, and contractors.

The regulatory process in town is complex and time consuming, but we are finally on the calendars for all of the town boards that will be reviewing the project.

If you can attend any of these meetings, we’d appreciate your comments in support of the project!

Completed Hearings

Monday, June 12, 6 PM - Board of Selectmen, Judge Welsh Rm., Town Hall. Our Economic Development Permit application requests additional gallons under the growth management bylaw. These gallons will bring the building into compliance based on the actual interior square footage. We are also requesting a 90-day extension to the timeline in our Land Development Agreement to continue the permitting process with the town regulatory boards.
Outcome: The selectmen voted unanimously to approve the EDP permit and grant a 90-day extension for us to continue the permitting process.
Download: Hearing noticeEDP application | Selectmen meeting packet | Watch the meeting

Thursday, June 15, 7 PM - Zoning Board of Appeals, Judge Welsh Rm., Town Hall. We submitted a zoning application asking for the change of use from Municipal to Institutional. We are also asking for a reduction in the number of parking spaces required since this is an existing nonconforming building.
Outcome: The ZBA voted unanimously to approve our application. 
Download: Hearing notice | ZBA application | ZBA meeting agenda | Watch the video

Wednesday, June 21, 4 PM - Historic District Commission, Judge Welsh Rm., Town Hall. We will present out exterior plans for the building, which include repair and replacement of windows, trim, roofing, gutters and downspouts in kind; repairs to the front portico; and repainting the exterior.
Outcome: The HDC voted unanimously in favor of our application.
Download: Hearing noticeHDC application | Watch the video

Thursday, June 22, 6:30 PM - Planning Board, Judge Welsh Rm., Town Hall. We are requesting administrative review for our site plan since we are not making any additions or alterations to the footprint of the building. Our plans include adding bike racks for at least 20 bicycles; narrowing the driveway curb cut to meet current town standards by adding new planting beds; planting two new trees; removing the street-facing chain link fence; and adding a trash barrel enclosure at the rear of the building. The application shows the locations of existing paths, plantings, parking, and exterior lighting.
Outcome: Our hearing was continued to the Planning Board meeting on July 27 at 6:30 PM. 
Download: Hearing notice | Planning Board application | Proposed site plan | Planning Board meeting agenda | Watch the video

Thursday, July 27, 6:30 PM - Planning Board, Judge Welsh Rm., Town Hall. Continuation of our hearing for site plan review (continued from the meeting of June 22).
Outcome: The Planning Board approved our site plan application.
Download: Updated Landscape Plan and Planting Plan | Existing Conditions Photos | Planning Board meeting agenda | Watch the video