Application Available:

PROVINCETOWN COMMONS: Provincetown’s newest endeavor is dedicated to community, creativity and innovation. Located in the heart of Provincetown, the Commons occupies the nearly 10,000 square foot building located at 46 Bradford Street, once home to The Governor Bradford School and the town’s Community Center. Operating as a registered non-profit organization.


PROVINCETOWN COMMONS MISSION: Provincetown Commons supports creative professionals, artists, small enterprise, scientific and technological projects, and community initiatives through collaborative workspace, shared resources, educational programs, and economic development initiatives. Through the development and management of accessible space and resources, the Commons serves as a nexus for collaboration, vibrant relationships, and new economic opportunity for creative people in Provincetown. 


ART & DESIGN STUDIO MEMBER PROGRAM OVERVIEW: Provincetown Commons Art & Design Studios Program is intended to help artists, designers, and creative professionals advance their practice and/or develop sustainable creative practices on the Outer Cape. Studios are available for use by emerging, mid-career, and established artists. The Art & Design Studios are educational in nature, and participation in the Commons’ learning community is a key aspect to studio participation. Applicants are invited to articulate the projects they intend to pursue in the spaces. We imagine they may include (but are not limited to):

·       Developing new bodies of creative work. 

·       Establishing or advancing creative businesses or economic initiatives.

·       Undertaking research or planning for new creative initiatives on the Outer Cape (such as event development, pre-production of a film/video, product development, etc.).

·       Archiving existing bodies of creative work.

·       Pursuing short-term projects that require space beyond what the applicant usually has access to.

·       Undertaking research relevant to the creation of new art & design.


LEARNING COMMUNITY: Provincetown Commons Art & Design Studios Program are designed to support the professional development and learning of artists and designers.  Part of a larger learning community that reaches across Provincetown Commons’ programs, the Art & Design Studios learning community promotes professional networking, skill development and supports the development of sustainable professional practices for creative professionals. Workshops and skill sharing opportunities will be scheduled seasonally, and participants in the Art & Design Studios Program are invited to fully participate as learners and facilitators in the learning community.


ART STUDIO MEMBER SPACES: The Provincetown Commons Art & Design Studios are open plan, shared project spaces available by membership agreement to artists, designers, and creative professionals who live and work on the Outer Cape. For those applicants selected to use the studios, the “art studio” membership dues will be $350/month (150 sq. ft.).Those with financial need will be invited to petition for a reduced dues at the time membership agreements are finalized. Requests for extra square footage will be pro-rated based on the standard membership dues.  


Studios are a non-toxic workplace and limitations on noise may be applicable. As such, applicants are to be advised that not all art & design practices can be accommodated in this studio community.



Artists will be selected through an application and interview process. Based on the needs of applicants, three to five spaces will be available for one-year residency, and two to four spaces will be available on a rolling basis for shorter-term projects (one-month, three-months, or six-months). Studio residents will have access to workspaces between 8 AM and 10 PM. 


Member applications will be reviewed in relation to the criteria included in the application form. The selection committee will also consider the dates requested by applicants in relation to availability. An effort will be made to accommodate as many qualified applicants as possible. Applications will be reviewedby a committee comprised of Provincetown Commons Board Members, staff, and community members. Finalists will be interviewed by members of the selection committee before final recommendations are made to the Board of Directors. Studio membership agreements will be issued by the Board of Directors.


Those selected to use the studios for year-long residencies may be invited to apply to renew their residency for up to a maximum of three years. Renewals will be made based on an individual’s progress on their projects and an individual’s participation in and contributions to the Provincetown Commons’ learning community. Those completing year-long residencies will be invited to participate in an assessment process after they’ve established themselves in the space. Those with shorter residencies will be asked to complete an assessment of their experience at the end of their residency.